A Pastor and a Philosopher Walk into a Bar

Bonus Episode: Bourbon Tasting with the Power of Bourbon YouTube Channel

September 30, 2022 Randy Knie & Kyle Whitaker Season 3 Episode 5
Bonus Episode: Bourbon Tasting with the Power of Bourbon YouTube Channel
A Pastor and a Philosopher Walk into a Bar
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A Pastor and a Philosopher Walk into a Bar
Bonus Episode: Bourbon Tasting with the Power of Bourbon YouTube Channel
Sep 30, 2022 Season 3 Episode 5
Randy Knie & Kyle Whitaker

This one is for the whiskey geeks. In this special bonus episode, we join our friends TJ, Chuck, and Brian at the Power of Bourbon YouTube channel for a blind-tasting of six exquisite whiskies. Along the way, we also find time to chat a bit about our podcast and introduce ourselves to their subscribers. And now we're sharing the experience with you, so you can get to know them! What you hear here is a slightly condensed version of the livestream we did on their channel. You can find the full unedited video version here.

If you're not into bourbon, we won't be offended at all if you skip ahead to the next episode. Teaser: we have some thoughts about biblical inerrancy.

SPOILER: We reveal what bourbons we taste as we're tasting them, but if you want to know ahead of time, or want to learn more about them after you listen, here they are:

Production note: this was a YouTube livestream with six people in different locations, so the quality is what it is.

Content note: this episode is entirely about bourbon, drinking bourbon, guessing what bourbon we're drinking, loving bourbon, paying too much money for bourbon, etc. So, you know, 21+.

You can find the transcript for this episode here.


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Show Notes Transcript

This one is for the whiskey geeks. In this special bonus episode, we join our friends TJ, Chuck, and Brian at the Power of Bourbon YouTube channel for a blind-tasting of six exquisite whiskies. Along the way, we also find time to chat a bit about our podcast and introduce ourselves to their subscribers. And now we're sharing the experience with you, so you can get to know them! What you hear here is a slightly condensed version of the livestream we did on their channel. You can find the full unedited video version here.

If you're not into bourbon, we won't be offended at all if you skip ahead to the next episode. Teaser: we have some thoughts about biblical inerrancy.

SPOILER: We reveal what bourbons we taste as we're tasting them, but if you want to know ahead of time, or want to learn more about them after you listen, here they are:

Production note: this was a YouTube livestream with six people in different locations, so the quality is what it is.

Content note: this episode is entirely about bourbon, drinking bourbon, guessing what bourbon we're drinking, loving bourbon, paying too much money for bourbon, etc. So, you know, 21+.

You can find the transcript for this episode here.


Want to support us?

The best way is to subscribe to our Patreon. Annual memberships are available for a 10% discount.

If you'd rather make a one-time donation, you can contribute through our PayPal.

Other important info:

  • Rate & review us on Apple & Spotify
  • Follow us on social media at @PPWBPodcast
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NOTE: This transcript was auto-generated by an artificial intelligence and has not been reviewed by a human. Please forgive and disregard any inaccuracies, misattributions, or misspellings.

Kyle  00:05

Well, hello friends Kyle here. Welcome to a special episode of a pastor philosopher walk into a bar. You'll notice this is not our normal release time. And the reason for that is we're doing a special release a little bit of bonus content for you. And it all centers around one of our favorite things in the world bourbon. So we've made some friends of the show, including one of our very own Patreon supporters, a guy named TJ, who sent us some pretty great bourbon to taste a few episodes back. And he has access to such good bourbon, because he and a couple other guys run a YouTube channel called power of bourbon. And recently, they hosted us for an impromptu blind tasting, they sent us three samples of bourbon and we sent them three samples. And we all got together for a live stream on their YouTube channel and tried to guess what we were tasting. And boy, let me tell you, it was a good time and some really delicious stuff. And along the way, we also had occasion to say a little bit about our podcasts and introduce their audience to what we do here. And now we're doing the same for them. So if you're a bourbon lover, if you really geek out on whiskey, then this is one for you. Quick note about the production quality. This was a YouTube live stream. So it's not up to our usual standards. We were all video conferencing from different locations, a couple of us had some internet issues, but we've done our best to make it as listenable as possible. For those of you who really want to geek out with us about the bourbon. One more warning, before we get started. Everything we tasted here was very delicious, and very expensive. So if you're the kind of person who's comes easily to peer pressure, and you're gonna want to rush out and buy all these things, fair warning, you may be disappointed when you search for them and can't find them. Because a lot of these bottles are allocated and rather difficult fun. Sorry, not sorry. So we hope you enjoy this free extra, check out the power of bourbon channel on YouTube. Subscribe and support their Patreon if you can. And we'll see you in about a week with our next regularly scheduled episode.

Chuck  01:57

There may not be a right answer in philosophy, Kyle, but there's a right answer about which bourbon is the best.

TJ  02:10

So tonight, we are going to have a great time, we've got three guys that run a another podcast. I've been really excited for this night because, you know, occasionally we get to talk about things that matter to us besides just the bourbon. And this is one of those nights. And so our three guests tonight, run a podcast called pastor and a philosopher walk into a bar. And I don't know how you couldn't enjoy that right there. So one of the cool things they do, and we'll get into their podcast when they're all here, which is they start out with tasting bourbon or other spirits, which is just really, really cool. So we will bring them in which they are Kyle, the philosopher, Randy, the pastor, and Elliot, their producer, which I'm super jealous of because we don't have a producer. It's me. So, guys.

Kyle  03:02

Yeah, he makes us sound so much more talented than we are.

Brian  03:06

I feel like TJ has the opposite effect on me with all this editing.

TJ  03:12

It's the good of the channel, if you like it helps us out.

Kyle  03:16

Ideas is joining us from like the backwoods of Wisconsin. And his internet might be a little slower than ours. So if there's a delay, it's it's not because he's slow. It's because his internet is slow.

TJ  03:28

Well, there we got we are I mean, so we got Randy, who is our chuck, because Chuck's already been kicked off because of his slow internet in the middle of nowhere, Illinois. So we're good, this is great. So what we did is I sent them three blind samples. And the good news is for you guys, if you enter, so all Patreon members automatically got entered in one of the advantages to be a Patreon. But if you guys do a $5 Super Chat or a $10 Super Chat, you guys are going to be entered to win this flight. And the good news is I'm only going to tell you along the way what it is. And these guys get to tell you if it's worth your money or not. So it'll be a lot of fun.

Kyle  04:07

Yeah, and you can totally trust my opinion, because the last time they sent me something really good and topshelf to drink. I thought it was bottom shelf. So

Brian  04:16

So go with the opposite of whether

Kyle  04:18

whatever, yeah, whatever I say don't

TJ  04:20

do the opposite. Hey, yeah. So we will start with the first bottle that I sent here for you guys. So cheers. And why don't you guys kind of like introduce your podcast a little bit.

Kyle  04:35

Randy, do you want to try that?

Randy  04:37

So Kyle, I'm a pastor in Kyle has been part of our church for a while and he's a philosopher. Obviously, we did q&a is at our church instead of a sermon time every once in a while we would host a q&a where anybody could text in a question. And Kyle would kind of moderate facilitate that time I'd answer as best I could. And then Kyle would bring his philosophical perspective in it. And people loved it. They just, they would prefer Q and A's every Sunday over sermons, I think but enough people put pressure on us to start a podcast that we finally did, and got this name of Pastor philosopher walk into a bar and try to figure out what would differentiate us because there's a million podcasts a lot like us, talking about spirituality in some fun ways. But nobody does it while drinking bourbon and so we've figured, let's do a tasting and every episode, some people don't like it. We love it. And guys, like you, TJ, send us bourbon every once in a while. It's incredible.

TJ  05:34

I mean, we, I mean, we run a bourbon channel and we still get really excited when people send us bourbon. So

Brian  05:42

is the only reason I'm here. Yeah.

TJ  05:45

Basically, Brian's got, like, 60 vials in his background of people that just send stuff and he's just like, Yep, I don't need a bourbon collection. I have a vial collection. Yeah.

Brian  05:54

Most people like kind of have build their friends network based on like, social connection. Intellectual stimulation, and you know, a variety of things. For me, it's much more like a mutual level. what degree do I feel like I can sexually successfully mooch off you? And I just move in that direction. So yeah.

Elliot  06:14

If you're gonna design a good life, it seems like it would involve having some sort of a, like online presence where people send you things. Yeah, it's just common sense. Yeah,

Kyle  06:24

man. We got a buddy that owns like a restaurant chain and just really nice guy goes to the church and offered to throw some booze every now and then. And this is pretty early on. And I was like, man, we've already arrived if nothing else comes. That's good enough right here.

TJ  06:40

Yeah, like I was telling you a little bit before we went live. So barrel craft spirits, started sending us full bottles in the mail. And I was just like, Yep, we've done it. I don't care if anything else happens. Like this is great, because it was the line that Chuck always bought. So now I just gotta be like, Hey, I got a free bottle. Awesome. Alright, so

Kyle  06:57

super. This is super hot. I'm gonna guess this is barrel proof or close to it. It starts

Elliot  07:02

sweet though. Yeah, I

TJ  07:03

get a lot of like oak and char on the nose and the palate and the finish.

Randy  07:08

Oak and char and like urban cherries.

Brian  07:11

Yeah, I was gonna say this a little bit cherry on that nose for sure.

TJ  07:14

Yeah, so this just because I get to be mean to chuck and Brian, because they also don't know what I sent. They have never tried this sample yet.

Brian  07:23

So and I almost feel like there's just hints of vanilla on the back end of that news that are really nice, too.

Kyle  07:29

Yeah, I'm gonna guess this is High Rock. And probably be wrong. But I get a lot of that spice on the back end.

TJ  07:36

Yeah, no.

Elliot  07:39

It's a minty spice though. To cool space. I like it. Nice. I'm really curious. I'd like to know. What are we?

Kyle  07:46

What are we supposed to guess about these?

TJ  07:49

I mean, if you want to be like what we normally do, you could. What is it? Brian? We usually do like proof age distillery. Yeah. The three we go.

Brian  08:00

Well then type finished or right.

Kyle  08:06

I'm gonna say this is 5050 Some percent low 50s. Okay, I'm gonna guess it's high right? I have no idea where it's from.

TJ  08:16

All right, Brian.

Brian  08:17

I'm still thinking

TJ  08:19

chocolate while I have you for three minutes.

Chuck  08:23

Might be seconds. I'm having major malfunctions here just keeps crashing. So it's all about what was the question?

TJ  08:31

What do you think it is?

Brian  08:32

Type Type, age proof distillery

Chuck  08:36

I'm getting some young wood notes so I don't know if that's young and grain or just like more of a toasted finish. And I think I'm think I'm going to younger I think I'm going four years max.

Kyle  08:48

I had the same thought and last time I said that I was proved wrong and also fairly dark. And so I don't know I would I would believe it toasted finish them. All right.

Elliot  08:58

Any ideas Elliot? Toasted young hot bourbon. I like to think and if you haven't, if it's something you haven't all sampled, like I don't think it's in the rare category. I think it's kind of just like an out there Newerth from Texas or something.

TJ  09:13

It's in the rare category. So I will say that all three of these are allocated and hard to get. Okay, so

Kyle  09:24

are we are we naming price points here?

TJ  09:28

I can like it's I spent a lot of money on Bourbon and I'm okay with it.

Brian  09:34

So I'm thinking this is finished actually. Okay. And I'm going just I'm going to 108 proof. Okay, and distillery on this cuz I have no idea. Got nothing.

TJ  09:51

Well, no. So this is a good one. So this it goes for $50 A bottle but it is only in three seven fives only at the distillery so actually $100 a bottle. Yeah, so $100 a bottle. It is the fourth version of this series. And I do believe that will be the last, which is Oh, it is all four or 117 series. So that's my own. And it is the Whiskey Row fire edition. So to celebrate the firefighters that saved Whiskey Row and downtown Louisville, they bottled these small bottles for them,

Brian  10:35

because they give details on the makeup of this.

TJ  10:41

Just so Forster

Kyle  10:42

is typically looking at a bunch of mash bills, roots and lace. I think it's typically around like 18% or something like that. Yeah, they usually not super.

Brian  10:53

This knows like, I mean, I love my old phone, but this nose is not.

TJ  10:57

No, it's not

Elliot  10:59

at all. Say again. What was the proof on that? 50

TJ  11:03

So it's 100 proof.

Kyle  11:04

Okay, I was close.

Elliot  11:07

And no age statement though. No. So

TJ  11:09

and if, because we're way too obsessed with them. Although what they do is they have climate controlled rock houses. So that's their big one of their big sticks is they think because they climate control, they can get younger whiskey to taste like older whiskey. And Brian is a huge fan of that. Which is funny that he didn't know it was.

Kyle  11:29

Is that sarcasm or?

TJ  11:32

No, he is right. Brian is a big I'm a huge

Brian  11:35

fan. But there's no banana on that nose at all. I typically don't get that much Oh Can char on the outside of the 19 tip. So in with this 117 This is the last of the Jackie selections correct then yes. So

TJ  11:50

that's why I don't know if they will continue it on because Jackie left to do hidden barn and the big thing about 117 is that is the first time ever a female she wasn't master distiller master taster or a female signature was on an old forester model, which makes it special. Wow, I

Elliot  12:09

was still calling it old forester instead of old foe, so that's how much I don't belong here. Yeah,

Kyle  12:12

I didn't. I didn't I wasn't up on that link.

TJ  12:16

Sure, you guys got lingo that we don't understand.

Kyle  12:21

Yeah, this was good. But like if it was between this and 1920 I would take 1920 And I feel a little bad saying that.

Brian  12:28

I mean, what about 1910? Yeah, better than 1920. Just throw it out there.

TJ  12:38

Yeah, that's fine. Mom and Dad. 1910 versus 1920.

Kyle  12:46

Yeah. A buddy of ours is making a 1915. Have you guys heard about this?

TJ  12:52

In that decanter? Right.

Kyle  12:55

Okay. All right. So this is this is a thing. You're familiar.

Elliot  12:58

I think the barrel was too small. It's too long. We reported the other day looks like coffee.

Kyle  13:06

Shall we move to the next thing? Are we waiting for checks? Of any kind? Have?

TJ  13:11

We got no chance on check?

Brian  13:13

We will all feel better about our input. If he's not here. Yeah.

TJ  13:17

He might be on the phone with Elon trying to figure out what's going on. Get new satellites put over his house. Alright, so Ed just asked and I was I'm guessing he came a little late. So Ed, they do a pastor philosopher, walk and go bar, which we should probably talk about a little bit more. But so kind of what you guys were talking about how it started at the church, and you guys had the q&a session that sounds very, very familiar to the church, I go to these guys know that HL is my pastor at my church. And he does very similar things where occasionally he'll just bring atheist on stage with him. And they will have a discussion about pros and cons right in front of everybody at church, which I'm kind of with you, Randy, with what your your members said, which is I find that stuff very interesting to, you know, to recognize that there are other views out there, and that they're not just idiots for their views, that they have valid concerns and beliefs, and that we can meet in the middle and have conversations which really is what drew me to your guys's podcast so much.

Kyle  14:27

Yeah, he and I go way back. In some ways he's distantly responsible for the podcast because he's the person that got me thinking about stuff like that. I was always kind of inclined in that direction. But he was a sounding board for a long time. And so yeah, it was really cool to hear the somebody from his church was listening and appreciating what we were doing.

TJ  14:47

So this all started like COVID because we couldn't ever hang out or anything like that. And, you know, we're those super manly men, so we're not going to call each other and be like, Hey, let's talk feelings. So we're like, hey, let's send bourbon and drink. Because we can talk about bourbon and then you know, feelings will just naturally happen.

Brian  15:04

And that's where I'm not sure that's actually happened yet.

TJ  15:07

Probably not. We just

Kyle  15:10

Yeah, we had a similar idea. Add bourbon and good ideas will eventually

Brian  15:17

feeling and actually when we first started way back in the day, we actually I mean, we were just there there was no channel or anything and we were just doing his friends and we started doing the bourbon and then we would trade off actually sending local beers Well, cuz we're like this bourbon stuff's expensive. Like, we can't keep up with that. Surely, they'll hundreds of bottles later. Apparently we can.

TJ  15:41

I still remember that first flight I sent you guys was 30 bourbons, and at the time the pappy 15 was in there. And I still remember Chuck, who at the time thought basil Hayden was the best thing ever looked at the list and was like, we need to start with pappy 15. And I'm like, no, no, no, no, no, sir. We're gonna start here and go down.

Brian  15:59

Yeah, it'd be interesting to go back and see how our rankings have changed since then, on some of

TJ  16:04

those, which I was looking at your three profiles on the podcast, and I noticed something. So lately, every time you start out the podcast, you do a bourbon tasting or whiskey tasting. But on your about section it clearly says Randy only drinks boring pilsners Kyle drink mushy beers. And Elliot plays with right?

Kyle  16:27

Yeah, that's because when we started kind of similar to you, we we started out with beer because it was obtainable. And I just had way too much of it. And what's what's still occasionally do some beer if it's really special or interesting, but then we just gravitated toward whiskey. And it was

Elliot  16:42

I find it disappointing. Whenever somebody shows up with beers like what?

Brian  16:48

Do you not like me?

Kyle  16:52

So what do you what do you guys think of this, we're on number one that I sent. So I

TJ  16:56

get some, like ride notes. So there's a little bit of hay, a little bit of grass, which is very interesting. But there's a lot of sweetness to it to. Somewhere in there. I get a little bit of a dopey grainy notes. So it makes me feel like it might be craft. What do you mean crap. So usually, like craft or smaller distilleries are putting out younger product. And so you get a lot more of the grain notes like the corn so you get more corn bready notes, you might get some of the daily notes to it. So there's a little bit of that somewhere through it that it's coming. For me it's between the power and the finish is where it kind of like peaks in a little bit. And so that's kind of what we mean when we say like craft notes. Now, some of the big boy distilleries are starting to do like grain forward bourbons, and there's some like, Brian likes 80 laws, and they do grain Ford bourbon. So you have to be careful a little bit. If it's just trying to be grain forward or if it's truly crafty.

Brian  17:56

Yeah. Because sometimes they'll come off too strong, the grain will be too strong or too strong. It'll just be all sudden, especially on the finish will be ethanol heavy. And I also can go on the back end of the pallet, or sorry, on the nose. I feel like it kind of linked that don't have lingers.

Kyle  18:13

Yeah, Dominus is not a note of every like, bourbon, but I suppose if I focus on it, I can find it there.

Brian  18:19

Yeah, I mean, it kind of has like that. If that smell just like fresh homemade bread. You know, I can Yeah, I can see though. It's kind of just a mild.

TJ  18:28

Alright, so we got Chuck at least I'll just I'll be the voice of Chuck. I feel super powerful that which is great. So don't agree that it's crafty. Get a nice balance of oak and dark fruit on the palate.

Elliot  18:38

But he did agree with those rye floral notes. That's front and center. I also get like, almost like maple syrup. Like it. It is really sweet. But it's kind of this. It's a complex sweetness.

Kyle  18:49

Yeah, I can see that.

Brian  18:50

I mean, am I often just almost I get a little bit like the high West double right. Yeah,

TJ  18:55

I can see that. Yep.

Randy  18:57

It's very It reminds me a little bit of Eagle rare that it likes them. And not like it doesn't explode on your palate. But I really love I would instead of floral ELLIOT I would call it herbal. I love that like herbal on the back of the palate finish to it. But it's very, like understated. I like it a lot.

Kyle  19:14

Yeah. What are your guesses about, you know, strength. And

TJ  19:18

so I'm gonna go like 10516 proof. Definitely, I don't know. I want to say it's arrived. But I feel like there's too many bourbon notes to say it's arrived. So I'm gonna go bourbon, probably five, eight years old somewhere right around there. And I would say like to me, I think it might be a dripless going like single barrel pick is what I would probably say.

Kyle  19:43

Other guesses?

Elliot  19:44

I think it's fireproof. I think it's lower

Randy  19:48

95 Proof like under 100 Perhaps, and it doesn't taste very oaky. But it doesn't taste young to me at all. So I'll say like six years ish five, six years in a bourbon for sure. Famous last words. I

Brian  20:01

don't know I feel like it's it could be like like a mild rye bourbon drinkers were I just focused on the finish? And then also just the notes on the front can be that I probably run on 200 proof. 46 years and that route. I mean, I was actually just trying to look up a high West double running. tasting notes real fast.

TJ  20:23

Chuck's? Not much right, Brian, you're wrong. Please be quiet. If it's a riot to Kentucky, right. Only 51% Not MGP 100 Proof six years. Okay. Right. Probably probably is.

Elliot  20:39

I do think it's her. I think it's young, but I think it's over. I think it's a bit over 100 proof.

Kyle  20:42

All right. All right.

Elliot  20:44

Are you ready for the reveal? Ready shaking his head but he knows he can't talk because there's too much lag.

Brian  20:48

Well, I will. Chuck the old high was still arrives weren't those sorts from NGP? Yes. Just saying.

Kyle  20:55

So I tried to throw you a curveball on this one. I tried. In fact, everything I sent you. I tried to mix it up in terms of mashbill. So this is Bardstown bourbon company to skip number six. So it's a mix. And that's why it tasted like a lot of different things. So this is 68% 11 year old Kentucky bourbon. 16% 17 year old Tennessee bourbon, and 16%. Seven year old Indiana bourbon. I'm guessing MGP they're all different. Nashville's, the highest right content is the MGP which would be 21%. So

TJ  21:31

before you guys got on, I told Chuck I was like there's going to be a Bardstown in this flight. Because I just listened to you guys podcast where you were talking about how you're making old fashions. When I was like, it's gonna be in here. There we go.

Kyle  21:48

And I'm almost through the bottle now. So I feel pretty good about that. Yeah. So this comes in around what is it retail 130 bucks, something like more?

TJ  22:00

Every single bottle from them except the fusion series. That's my job because it's in my price range. Well, and didn't they just continue that? Yeah, there's only two more of the fusion series. So my wife asked a good question and be good for you guys. So have you any have you guys been to a distillery or done any distillery tours? And if so, which ones like what? I guess the good also the good question is like, what is your go to distillery as we go to number two of ours?

Kyle  22:29

Yeah. While you're pouring, I'll give my answer and then pass it off. So I grew up in Kentucky. So I've been around distillers for a while. Got married at Buffalo Trace in their Elmer T. Lee Clubhouse. I'm using my Buffalo Trace Glencairn at the moment so they're my they're my fav. If I had to pick a favorite bourbon, it would be Elmer T. Lee probably obtainable bourbon, although that's not obtainable anymore. Yeah, I've done a few tours. Honest, probably Buffalo Trace has been my favorite bourbon tour, but some scotch tours that were cooler, but that's probably because I was in Scotland and everything seems cooler when you're overseas. I was a few years back, but that's probably my fav.

Randy  23:08

Okay. Yeah, I I officiated pals wedding, so I've been to Buffalo Trace and done the brief tour after shooting his wedding. While the packer game playoff game was also playing. It was very it was it was just a week ago at Bell meet Nelson's Greenbrier distillery in Nashville. And that was a fun experience. That was a good time. Although I totally think they were blessing like, I would have to talk for a longer time but they basically like the distillery went away with prohibition. And then all of a sudden, these two great grandsons of the master distiller and Nelson's Greenbrier just stumbled upon the old distillery and discovered that this was their grandpa's. And I was like, No, and we didn't know

Kyle  23:50

what it was. Yeah, more importantly, did you bring me anything back?

Randy  23:56

I didn't see anything that Kyle.

Brian  23:59

You know, I think that might be part of their story, as they're trying to go away from the Bellamy brand and bring in the Nelson brand. Yeah, she has tragedy and tragedy. Yes,

Elliot  24:11

yeah, I'm, I'm younger and all this. I've only been to Buffalo Trace, which is great. But I would say I consistently enjoy all things will it and so that's that would be one that I would like to spend more time because we

Kyle  24:24

enjoy the Willett distillery. It's super fancy and pretentious. Kind of like you. Oh, perfect.

TJ  24:28

Now, I mean, then he needs to be just like Chuck and go to Bardstown because it is they say they are the Napa experience of Bardstown, Kentucky.

Kyle  24:40

So, Elliot, if you remember I texted you from Bardstown a picture of their allocated or their like rare whiskey list, and like one ounce pours for $1,400. And

Elliot  24:51

so I don't know if it's supposed to be public knowledge or not, but like within just the podcast crew among us. We've talked about because we're a faith based podcast, doing a whole Lillian's tour. Which of course it'd be to Kentucky with for all the distilleries.

TJ  25:07

I mean, and then if you did that, you'd have to do like a pick. And then you could have the Holy paths. Yes.

Elliot  25:14

Are we on the second power of bourbon? Yeah. Which I love.

Kyle  25:17

This is right in my wheelhouse,

Brian  25:20

you'd like to better than the first one

Kyle  25:22

significantly, which is interesting, because it's not as strong, I would put this around, maybe 45% Max, and I tend towards higher proof.

TJ  25:32

So the nose, like for me is a little bit weaker. There's not as many like notes that are just sticking out. But then when you get to the power and the finish, it is so much more depth, tobacco, chocolatey notes, all that wonderful stuff.

Brian  25:47

I was gonna say in the comments, I love that Heather referred to a Buffalo Trace as a compound because I just always have like, religious cold, like a cold and like, that's exactly what Buffalo Trace does is they like doctrine ate you into their Buffalo Trace products. And then they, you know, jack up the price. So

TJ  26:05

yeah, well, you guys don't get to see it, because you're not like in the area. But now. So they open the gift shop, I think at 10. But usually by 820. There's a line. They don't open the gates until 830. And there's a backup line up the road, just waiting to be in and everybody's hoping for the boy ends today. It's just crazy. So this is really nice.

Kyle  26:29

40% 45

Elliot  26:33


Chuck  26:34

I'm guessing 107 or more a lot of sweet oak cherry reminds me of a Buffalo Trace product that gets

Kyle  26:42

a little sweeter than most most Buffalo Trace products have had, at least at this proof. All right. Well, I have no guesses though, as to what it is. I would

TJ  26:51

be impressed if anyone picked this one out. So this which ad the ads and chat are going to be really happy. Oh is hardens Creek. Ooh, this is a limited release from Jim Beam this year. And their subscription service. So they just mailed me bourbon, which is the most amazing thing ever. And so this is 184 months age. So it's a blend of a 15 year old and 16 year old bourbon at 108 proof. So this is one of those. Everybody's looking really hard comes in a really cool tube. All that fun stuff.

Kyle  27:25

Wow, that's delicious.

Chuck  27:26

My best.

Elliot  27:29

Thanks for sharing that. Oh, no.

Kyle  27:31

I would never have guessed it was one away. Would you have guessed 15 year? No, but I'm not surprised. Having heard it.

Elliot  27:38

It tastes old. Yeah.

Chuck  27:41

I was guessing. 12.

TJ  27:42

Yeah, it's it is definitely really, really delightful. And it's really, really sad. That is really, really low.

Kyle  27:49

I'm guessing that's another three digit bottom. 150. Yeah. Yeah, we're just kind of inching up here. Along we can keep it going.

TJ  28:00

The theme, so we'll go on to your guys's second sample. But Chuck, Brian, you guys got any questions?

Brian  28:09

Yeah. So I was thinking. So Randy, a colleague said you like q&a style stuff. So I'm just wondering like, what, what type of question or like line of questioning? Do you get that like, like, you're most intrigued by like you enjoy talking about when people raise religious or ethical style questions? Is there like a certain area that you're like, Oh, I'm excited about this. I like when people engage in this line of dialogue or thinking?

Kyle  28:36

Yeah, that's a really good question. So I tend to love it when the question is genuine, regardless of what it's about. And a lot of a lot of people, I think most of our listener base, at this point, have latched on to what we're doing, because they're in a deconstruction phase, they've run into something in their life, whether it's personal or intellectual, or whatever, family emotional, and it's put a wrench in what they thought God was like, and what they thought the world was like, and, or, you know, something happened in the church more more broadly, and they just couldn't stomach it anymore. And so they're looking for people to tell them the truth. And we try to do that we try to be honest about stuff, even if it's hard. And even if the answer is I don't understand this, like I've tried as hard as I can to understand it, and I don't. And I'm just going to tell you the facts about that. So yeah, I appreciate it. When somebody is coming from a place of integrity and honesty and humility, the questions we tend to get revolve around hot button issues, as you might expect. So a lot of people wonder about LGBTQ stuff. A lot of people wonder about injustice of various kinds, and the church hypocrisy, abuse, that sort of stuff. So these are all issues we've talked about extensively on the show, but also stuff like, you know, evolution or what should I think about the end times or the afterlife or, I mean, you name it We've probably covered it, but what the hell is the Bible? What am I? What am I supposed to do with it? Yeah, so that's that's my answer. Randy, what do you think?

Randy  30:08

Yeah, I mean, sorry, I didn't start talking five seconds late. But questions about the Bible are fun for me. Because people have questions, a lot of courses of the Bible. That's a complex, crazy library question books that it should be complicated, it should be difficult. And so we get, I think, a lot of good questions about the Bible about violence and the Old Testament about, you know, inconsistencies and infallibility and inerrancy. And all these all these churchy words that people were told all of their faith in Christianity hinges on, and we'd like to just ask the question, what if it doesn't? What if it doesn't hinge on those, those hot buttons or those gotcha, gatekeepers kind of categories. So I really enjoyed that. Yeah. And I enjoy that we get to be a voice to people who are kind of on the edge of the church, they've been in the church for a long time, seeing some some garbage, but still love Jesus. And those are the kinds of people that I like to hang out with, and talk with and hold space with. So and we don't, there's not a whole lot of softball questions. They're all real to get to the real stuff. And those are the fun ones. I mean, we're not interested in, you know, softballs, and boring ourselves, you know, talking just to hear ourselves talk. So I enjoy our listeners feedback. And I enjoy our churches feedback, like we in questions, we get a lot of really fun, serious questions. So it's good. Thanks.

Kyle  31:28

Yeah. Thanks. Thanks for asking. We recently had Brian McLaren on the show. He's kind of become of some something of a friend of the podcast, and he just wrote a book called do I stay Christian? And so we tackle like, head on, is this even worth doing anymore? And all the reasons it might not be

Randy  31:46

a heretic, in many in the eyes of many people, makes me look really good. And orthodox.

Elliot  31:52

Well, as somebody who doesn't do the main talking on the podcast, but has to listen to it a lot. The thing that keeps me coming back is it feels like it's not so much about getting to the right answer the question, it's the frameworks in which we're answering the questions and the, this recurring theme of epistemic humility, like how we even hold concepts of, of no ability, and and how we kind of step outside and try to really objectively recognize that we're coming at this with a perspective, that's different than the perspective of other people. And that that's just as valid, like, those things have helped me a lot in faith, actually, in the absence of having one of the answers.

TJ  32:31

Yeah, I was gonna say, you guys approach the whole podcast, very similar to the way I approach my classroom when I teach, which is, I never tell like really my opinion on the topic. I just give everyone all the information. And then you do what with it, what you will and draw your own conclusions. And then if you have questions along the way, I'm there to help, which I really appreciate. Because you're like, you could you guys could very easily just stand on that and be like, okay, so ask my questions. Well, this is what I believe. And this is why you should believe but you don't ever do that. You're just like, here's all the information. Do your own research, because then it actually mean something to you.

Kyle  33:09

Yeah, we're about to just blow that out of the water with an upcoming. We come down real hard against something so curious what you think about that. Teaser? I like it. Yeah, so what do you guys think of this? I feel like I'm enjoying each one a little more than the last. I don't know if it's because I'm just getting drunker. But I really love this. I have not had it before I sent it to you. So this is my first taste of my own bottle and yeah, it's awesome.

TJ  33:40

It is very hot.

Elliot  33:41

Yeah. stark contrast is like green apple on the nose. It's bright and everything else has been it's really dark zone. A lot of cinnamon.

Chuck  33:48

Cinnamon finish is powerful. Yeah, Brian Brian's This is right in his wheelhouse of everything about

TJ  33:55

this. I mean, yeah, if I had to pick something right off the bat, it reminds me of some old forester barrel strength single barrels, because they start out very wonderful on the nose and then just crazy hot. Yeah.

Brian  34:09

Crazy hot. No warm.

Kyle  34:12

Come work. It's like warm is a better word for this.

Brian  34:15

It just wraps your tongue in.

TJ  34:17

Cinnamon, pepper, and plenty.

Brian  34:22

Hardly any. Splendid.

Kyle  34:25

I'll say knowing what it is. I was shocked at how sweet it is. I didn't expect that.

TJ  34:29

I mean, it's another one is very delightful. Totally by

Chuck  34:32

with this one because of that lingering. Like it's it's a lingering cinnamon mostly to me, but I even get maybe a little bit of like cocoa chocolate that kind of lingers. It's pretty powerful. You're not going to have several of these within a night. It's going to be one and done.

Brian  34:47


Kyle  34:50

Any guesses as to what it might be?

Chuck  34:52

Like? Especially with that punch? Maybe even almost like a Elijah Craig barrel proof.

Randy  34:58

Oh, it could be Yeah. Okay, I like I guess I, I have a hunch, but I'm not gonna say it because I think I'm, I know what Kyle has been purchasing lately, so I'm just gonna say it's delicious. It's hot cinnamon. Got some actual brightness to it, but it lays thick on the palate like it's got a great mouthfeel really nice and rich Belfield.

Kyle  35:19

Why don't you go ahead and give your hunch because I suspect it's not what you think.

Brian  35:23

Yeah, the viscosity on it is very nice.

Randy  35:25

I think it is Elijah Craig barrel proof.

TJ  35:28

Other guesses before the reveal? The only reason I'm gonna say it's not Elijah Craig barrel proof as you said that you haven't drank it. I know. You guys did the reveal of it on the podcast. So maybe, you know, why is your Craig single bar

Chuck  35:47

what's the same thing? Other things I have? I don't think as cherry to be like a Stag stag Jr. Yeah,

TJ  35:56

I would say the only thing I hear with his adrift was going again, because it has

Chuck  36:00

it's this is older than six years.

TJ  36:04

Okay. I like you're going there. Well,

Chuck  36:07

I mean, 1792 foolproof, I get a little bit of this. Like,

TJ  36:11

that's a good guess.

Chuck  36:12

I get a little bit of that like candy. floral note that sometimes you get off either aged partner or for roses. Single barrels.

Brian  36:20

Yeah, my first thought of that is I feel like I don't get enough floral for the 1792 but I'm not sure.

Kyle  36:26

Shall we reveal? Ellie, you got anything?

Elliot  36:29

Kind of like Randy from before? I know exactly what it is. But I'm not gonna say I think

Chuck  36:34

bourbon in Kentucky. So

Kyle  36:37

Well, Chuck came the closest. So this is a four roses. single barrel. I'm trying to hold it in front of the camera there. Barrel barrel strength. So this is the OES V. Which Chuck could probably tell us more about or one of you could tell us more about them. I think it's about 20% rise, something like that. That particular mashbill the notes they say are delicate fruit and caramel. So this is 60.6%.

TJ  37:07

nothing bad to say. Yeah, I was about to say maybe it's four roses. I was like I didn't get enough floral notes for the four roses. Literally.

Chuck  37:17

nosing that I went back to it, I got a little bit of that what reminds me of either 7092 or four roses, but that was it. Other than that, like it's just this aged, it's more fruit to me than what normally for roses just gives you more of that floral component. And this was very muted with the with the oak and in the dark fruits which to me is would be my preference for roses. So this is excellent. So thanks for sharing come

Kyle  37:44

from a place near near me. I want to say it retailed for around 100 But it's got a secondary value closer to twice that.

TJ  37:51

So as should be 80 to 90 100 around there and then yeah, depending on the recipe drives the price the tear dry price and you said that was oh yes V right. Yeah. So I

Brian  38:05

mean if you if you find one of those for 80 to 100 It's be happy you found it.

TJ  38:10

Yeah, Chuck is like here let me grab my seven

Brian  38:15

somehow he's in for roses. Girl proof Mecca.

Chuck  38:21

Well, this was a I haven't know ESV from Bourbon pursuit, actually. Which that might be one of my favorite recipes. So

Elliot  38:29

that was my favorite one so far.

Kyle  38:30

Yeah. A little better each time Yeah. high hopes for this third one. Yes. I hope so.

Brian  38:38

I mean, this third one is actually a bottle I have so you might want to temper your expectations. Yeah,

TJ  38:43

well to be fair, this third one is the only one I refused to send these guys samples and so I made them pour their own bottles and it was like you're just gonna deal with it

Kyle  38:55

not sure how to interpret that because you didn't want to pour it but also all of you have bottles

Chuck  39:00

I mean, you sent me the hardens Creek today and I had the I have a bottle of that so the hardened for

TJ  39:05

him I didn't know you got the hardened you didn't know you didn't tell me sir. We are going to have a conversation after everybody gets off.

Brian  39:15

TJ send me an extra bottle

Kyle  39:18

just as a punishment cinnamon roll. You really

Elliot  39:21

have to dig in there to get the nose though. Yeah, it was in the glass at this point.

Chuck  39:25

More like orchard fruit so I get more of the like a green apple on this.

TJ  39:30

So just to be you know completely mean like make you use multiple parts of your brain as you're trying to figure out what this is. So what is your guys's kind of like, end goal with the podcast like what like for us you know, we joke but like getting sent samples of bourbon is like, we feel like we've kind of made it a little bit so like for you guys. What does that look like? What do you hope to achieve?

Randy  39:55

Like increasing our listenership to the point where we are seeing those kind of go to People in the progressive Christian arena, I would say, and I mean, like Kyle's writing a book, it'd be great if we could get that published. And like everyone read it, who knows if I, if I want to write a book, like speaking would be really fun to be able to go places and, and talk about the stuff, whether it's together or separately. There's a number of different ways that that could play out. But I'm holding space for conversations that matter to people about spirituality, Faith and Philosophy really, like that's, that's, that's almost an endgame of itself. For me. I've just really enjoyed that. Being able to sit in that space.

Kyle  40:35

Yeah, yeah, we've had listeners write in and tell us that, you know, our series on LGBTQ people in church, like help them figure out how to talk to their gay kids, you know, and stuff like that. It's like, yeah, that's, that's good enough. It doesn't go any further than that. I'm happy. So, yeah, I've got a book in the works that I'd really like to find a publisher for. And if that happens, I'll feel like I succeeded. But we'll see.

TJ  41:01

Well, when that finally happens, because it will, we'll have to do this again. And we'll talk about your book, I can't promise if it's over 50 pages, I'll be able to read it all.

Kyle  41:11

I'm already on 50 pages of published an audio book,

Chuck  41:15

I will listen,

TJ  41:17

I'm always in awe, because you guys are like, yes, we're having this new person on the channel. Yeah, I read like two books. And I'm like, I read one book this year, and I'm proud of myself for that. And it was

Kyle  41:30

it was your dog's

Elliot  41:32

coffee table, book, three pictures of urban,

TJ  41:36

there's a reason I'm getting my daughter into comic books, and just back off.

Brian  41:42

So anyway, Kyle, Randy, with what you guys were just talking about, can just kind of think, so what do you guys feel like are like maybe some of the biggest, like misconceptions that people have? Or are struggling with? You guys feel like if we could get people on this page or understanding something this way? That would be a signal that will move the needle significantly? You know, maybe the dangerous misconceptions that people have,

Kyle  42:08

that they know anything about God? Is that too, too much? Well, I think overconfidence I think is the the major obstacle to a healthy faith, in my view. And so that tends to come in the intellectual arena and the moral arena. So I think I know what God is like, and once and I think I know what that implies for how people should live their lives. And I'm justified in structuring society such that they have to accord with that in some way. So yeah, and that can be about anything can be overconfidence, about what the Bible is, and how it should be read. It can be overconfidence, about who belongs in the church, and who should be excluded from it, or you know, who should be welcomed and but not given any actual power? Ya, Randy, you want to add to that you can make that more specific and palatable.

Randy  43:08

Yeah. What we see, by and large in the church today in the American Protestant and particularly Evangelical Church, is that we are prisoners of the moment. We think that the way we think about God, the way we think about spirituality, the way think we think about the world, and particularly the way we think about the Bible, is the only way to think about it, and the only way Christians have thought about it. And that's just very, very unhealthy and unhealthy perspective to have. People have been having fascinating conversations about scriptures about the nature of Christ, about the origins of the universe for long, long time. And just in these last, you know, 7080 years of American evangelicalism that we kind of reduced everything down to these little bits of doctrine and of gotcha questions and just conversations that I'm not interested in conversations that weren't relevant in the church, you know, up until the last century. So I think that's something that we try to get at is that there's an older conversation happening that's much more exciting than what we've been having in our Sunday school and youth groups.

Brian  44:12

Sounds exciting.

Kyle  44:13

Yeah, I don't know if that actually answered your question. So I'm three, four whiskies and at this point, I find that this is wonderful. I would say I like it as well as the four roses, which is a compliment

Randy  44:29

is much better than the four roses.

Elliot  44:31

It's like the most pleasantly grownup version of a green apple Laffy Taffy, I can imagine

TJ  44:38

I've never really gotten that but I appreciate it. Just look for the Laffy Taffy. It's in there. I would say power of suggestion. I will totally get it. I'm excited. Well,

Brian  44:49

I I will use this double for that I bought myself to explore that exact situation.

Randy  44:57

My tell it feels blasted right now. I don't know how you guys can Do This You do this weekly or how often you do this?

TJ  45:03

Weekly, except, you know, Chuck works for the CIA. So occasionally he's out of country. But yeah, so we'll get on we'll do. Usually it's like a review. So we'll do like three review reviews and record it. Unfortunately, occasionally we do like side by sides. And we'll do like three of those and then it gets rough the next day.

Randy  45:26

Like, you should put the not as good ones in the beginning to like, get your palate used to it. But don't put the best ones at the end because my palate is almost gone by now. And I know that this is the best one of the night so far. Yeah,

TJ  45:37

Brian, let's have a conversation about that. Who puts the really bad ones first?

Elliot  45:43

What do y'all drink when you're not drinking bourbon? Like not not beer, but like spirits? When it's not brown? What is it?

TJ  45:49

Oh, gosh, um,

Chuck  45:51

you guys can't see it. But I have a wine cellar just off to my right that has about 400 bottles. So I enjoy red one.

TJ  45:59

That's that's what I've done. So the deal with my wife was I could continue my bourbon experience if I would learn to enjoy wine. And I've learned to enjoy wine very well with her and she's learned to enjoy bourbon, which is good until I see her making an old fashioned with my forehead says bio strength and then I cry.

Kyle  46:19

So what do we think this is? I would normally guess that this was around under 50%. But I think I've drank so much strong bourbon that my palate can't tell the difference anymore. So this farewell might be stronger than that. It has everything I love in a bourbon though. It's got the dark fruits and the sweetness and the strong barrel presence. It tastes well aged, I would guess, at least 12 years.

Randy  46:41

Yeah, no, this is pure delight. I mean, I don't know what more you wanted to Bourbon. Definitely. Age to it. I have no clue what it might be. But it's really, really nice.

Elliot  46:51

Yeah, mine was gone four minutes ago. And I remember liking it a lot.

TJ  46:58

So this is one so we follow other whiskey tubers, obviously and everything like that. And so breaking bourbon is like very quick to give everyone like three out of five barrels. And this was very

Chuck  47:10

conservative. Yeah, like they Yeah, for if you ever get they do things on a one to five barrel rating. If you ever get a three and a half. It's like, well, that's a good bourbon.

TJ  47:21

Yeah. And I think this is like the first number like four and a half. And so we're just like, Oh, we got to buy it. And it is. So this is Lux row distillery and it is the 12 years. So Kyle, you hit it right on the mark. Double Barrel. So what they do is they take 212 year old barrels, and they blend it together. It runs you about 150 bucks. But it is absolutely delicious. And Lux row is not one of those super big boys, though. MGP just bought them or they bought MGP they combined basically. So it's becoming more popular. But it's a distillery only release for the most part. And it is just absolutely amazing. So and available. Yes, usually,

Brian  48:05

which is the best part. But you're gonna I think, actually was it Derek just said he went and because I think we got ours for 150. And Derek said they upped it to 175 Maybe

Chuck  48:15

I was thinking it was already up there when we got ours. But yeah, that was 2019 I think

Elliot  48:22

is there's no magic pill on it. Right. And you know, what would you speculate?

Chuck  48:28

It's sourced, right.

TJ  48:29

Yeah, so it's sourced. I would imagine it's Barton would be my guess. Is that or I guess it'd be haven't helped to. So those are the only two guys that give older stuff. But it Oh, it's 118.4 proof. So it's unfair. But no, they are super secret of where they get their stuff.

Kyle  48:49

Oh, it's delicious. I don't know. But I'm happy to drink it.

TJ  48:54

Yeah, for sure. Yeah.

Brian  48:56

That was actually one of the sessions like because isn't that 175 ish price. I mean, it's delicious. Everything you want to Bourbon. But can you stomach that price? Yeah, we're not all right.

Kyle  49:08

Last one.

TJ  49:10

That might be the best nose of the night to be honest.

Chuck  49:13

Get some like, what grass? Really?

Kyle  49:16

Yeah. Hey,

Brian  49:17

yeah, that's what I'm getting. What are you smelling? GJ? COVID COVID COVID in my nose. I'm taller off for like, three or four months and then Charlie's finally like I'm your back because I was just agreeing with him all night.

TJ  49:32

To be fair, that was when we did our best up for the year and you chose 1910 as the best bourbon out of 30 bourbons we sent you I like no forester

Kyle  49:43

What can I say knows what he likes nothing wrong with that. Thank

Brian  49:45

you. Oh, if what I like happens to be cheaper than all the stuff you guys say. I feel like that's better.

Chuck  49:51

There may not be a right answer in philosophy, Kyle, but there's a right answer.

Kyle  49:57

That's hilarious. There are so many right answers and full was

Chuck  50:01

in and and tastes obviously super subjective.

Kyle  50:04

So this is, yeah, I'm getting a lot of hay and some chocolate weirdly,

Chuck  50:08

a little bit of like green apple in the back on that nose. If you cut through the hay.

Brian  50:14

It really is. It's like, wow,

Randy  50:16

it's wild. Yeah, I don't know. I know. It's like an expensive bourbon. But like the note. So better tasting. Interesting.

Elliot  50:25

What's the verbal note? Is there like dill or rosemary? There's something in that range that I can't quite place.

TJ  50:31

Just picture the State Fair. Oh, I've got like, chocolate elephant air and I jump into a pile of manure. That's, that's in the nose right there.

Chuck  50:40

No, I don't get the barnyard notes.

Elliot  50:43

manure, there's the tasting note of the night.

Brian  50:47

But you never know what TJ might use that in a good way.

Elliot  50:49

Oh, yeah. Yeah, but it might be the youngest

Chuck  50:51

of the night. Could be but I'm guessing we've transitioned away from Bourbon. So yeah, if it's not a young bourbon, it could be like a single malt. Yeah, I guess I don't know, your your your shelf as well as, like Randy wood.

TJ  51:07

I was really hoping they would send a peated one just so I could see you.

Chuck  51:11

This definitely isn't. But I could see like a single ball. Whether it's an American single malt scotch, I'm not sure. But I don't I don't get the classic Scotch notes. But if I could see that I could see like tons of green apple on the nose. In addition to that, hey, no,

TJ  51:29

I'm going scotch. Irish, not Irish. And it's not bourbon. single malt. Yeah. unpeated. Yeah. unpeated. Definitely.

Kyle  51:37

Any other thoughts?

Randy  51:40

I think the idea of Scotch is like very want to say Scotch because I know you Kyle. And but it doesn't taste like especially if it's the scotch. It's the most boring scotch. But I want to say like, how we did whiskey like It tastes like very weak forward to me is that rice was definitely grateful for that rice whiskey.

Brian  52:03

I'm still searching for the finish. Yeah, there's

TJ  52:05

not much of Finnish.

Chuck  52:08

Very old flavor to it. I probably guess like 85 proof.

TJ  52:12

So we asked Randy and Kyle, a lot of questions. So Elliot, how did you get involved in producing? I mainly how do I find a producer? Because they are really annoying.

Brian  52:27

It sounds like they started by just like on

Chuck  52:29

my screen, you just like pointed often. Like, I'm the direction.

Elliot  52:37

I knew they wanted to do this thing. And I said that, like I would help with the pilot, like just like technologically just I would help to make it happen. So they could hear their voices back and see if they liked it. And here we are. No, I, I believe in the types of conversations that are had. Yeah, it's been really helpful. And I think formative in my journey as I'm, like, my background is very Fundy and so trying to come out into the open space, like not so much to deconstruct, but to find that there's actually a lot more a lot more space to play. So that's been enjoyable. And yeah, I'm not gonna lie like I probably wouldn't still be around if it wasn't for the bourbon.

Brian  53:20

You and me both.

Elliot  53:22

It's like at the very like, at the very worst. I'm at least gonna get to. So yeah,

Kyle  53:28

even on a bad night. We drink something good. So I'm gonna tell you guys, this is a bourbon and see really changes your bourbon. Yep. I knew

TJ  53:40

I could go here, right. Yeah. I feel like they stay on topic a lot more than Brian.

Kyle  53:49

All right, you ready for the reveal? Yep. I will say I'll admit this is my least favorite that night and I had an idea that it would be but I threw it in to throw your palates off. So this is a Woodford Reserve masters collection. Okay. Oat grain. Oh, this is okay. So that's what so the secondary grain is Oat. Yeah. Not wheat. So there's no weight in this 66% Corn 18% out only 4% Rye and 12% barley. All right. So there you go.

Elliot  54:26

I like it. Did you actually

Kyle  54:28

I appreciate the the what they tried.

Chuck  54:32

Yeah, this reminds me. Yeah, we just did a review of this year's little book from Jim Beam. And it was oh, it's multi kids. Yeah. It was a lot of things. It basically was not good at $140 Very grain forward and just not what you expect. Well, especially at that price point.

Kyle  54:56

I think you have a different Yeah, the Woodford masters collection is released this time. tend to be kind of hit or miss there. Some of them are just nailed it awesome. And then some of them are like, well, you try to thing.

TJ  55:06

Alright, so let's see who wins tonight

Kyle  55:15

I'm gonna say David,

TJ  55:16

David. Yep. All right, David. So thank you so much for helping out and don't know if Chuck's gonna get better internet but you're gonna get a flight of bourbon. So

Kyle  55:31

we looked at it looks like he just fell asleep. That's awesome.

TJ  55:36

So yeah, so thank you guys so much for doing this. We appreciate it. If you have not subscribed to their podcast, please check them out. Pastor philosopher walk into a bar. I mean, I don't know a better title for a podcast. And you know, it's great. Because as you listen to them, they are completely honest. Like, hey, we might say things that offend you. Just give us a chance, which is basically the same thing we do at the bourbon side, which is like white and sucks. And we're sorry that we upset you. But please just listen to us. But they have you know, things that's kind of more important to talk about than we do. So please give them a listen. Now, now they do. matter of perspective,

Kyle  56:24

I'm really wishing I'd sent you some Blanton's.

TJ  56:28

Yeah. Yeah, you guys are we'll let you guys where all can they find you? What are all the handles and everything like that?

Kyle  56:37

Yeah. So we're on any podcast app, just search for our name. We're on your phone already. If you want to find our website, it's pastor and philosopher.buzzsprout.com. You can email us at pastor and philosopher@gmail.com. Sounds good? epwp. Whatever. Yep. Yep. Yep. We're on Twitter. Yep. So.

TJ  56:58

And when Kyle finishes that book, we'll have him back. And when Randy does that book or something, we will have them back again. Because, I mean, this was a lot of fun. I enjoyed it. I hope you guys enjoyed it. And yeah, so thanks so much.

Kyle  57:15

Thanks for all the interest samples.

TJ  57:17

Oh, yeah, not a problem. That's that's what we like to do. So, thanks for watching, and see you guys next time.

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